"How d’you spell ‘belligerent’?" said Ron, shaking his quill very hard while staring at his parchment.  "it can’t be B-U-M-"

"No, it isn’t," said Hermione, pulling Ron’s essay toward her.  "And ‘augury’ doesn’t begin O-R-G either.  What kind of quill are you using?"

"It’s one of Fred and George’s Spell-Check ones…but i think the charm must be wearing off…"

"Yes, it must," said Hermione, pointing at the title of his essay, "because we were asked how we’d deal with dementors, not ‘Dug-bogs,’ and I don’t remember you changing your name to ‘Roonil Wazlib’ either."

"Ah no!" said Ron, staring horror-struck at the parchment.  "Don’t say I’ll have to write the whole thing out again!"

"It’s okay, we can fix it," said Hermione, pulling the essay towards her and taking out her wand

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  • me: i really need to stop swearing
  • 20 seconds later: where the fuck is my goddamn shitbitch pencil

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Disney Challenge [1/?] 
Your favorite character Stitch


When Teachers have the last laugh

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How markers are tested

No wonder they barely work when you buy them.

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